About Maximilian Rudolph

Who & What?

My name is Maximilian Rudolph and I am in my last year of the German equivalent to Highschool. Senior year, so to speak. There, my focus subjects are computer science, physics and economics.
The great thing is that that is exactly where my field of interest lies. I love science, coding and technology in general but also social studies, history and art.

I mostly spend my free time coding, fiddling around with electronics and drumming. Apart from that I "run" this website here, which is not all that much effort but very fun. My Blog gets updated every so often and because the whole site is self-made, it needs some maintenance every now and then.
Since November of 2020, I work for Matthias Hamann.


The Future

I will graduate and get my German "Abitur" in the early-summer of 2021.
From then on out, I plan on studying computer science with a focus on (online) security or software development in Hamburg or film/theatre direction in Berlin.