by Maximilian Rudolph

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Masculinity or the lack thereof played an important role in Macbeth and other Shakespeare plays. And it is a big factor for President Trump as well. Despite the very present gender and equality debate, Trump encourages and promotes male stereotypes and macho behaviour. His whole political career is built on obsolete male stereotypes and the corresponding subordinating female ones.

by Maximilian Rudolph

"Der Blob" - Pecha Kucha

Der Mensch hat eine unglaubliche Überheblichkeitshaltung. Man ist beinahe allgemein der Meinung der Mensch wäre grundsätzlich allen Lebewesen überlegen. Viele würden nicht einmal zugeben, dass wir Tiere sind.
Wir seien die einzigen Lebewesen, die rational denken, komplexe Überlegungen treffen, reflektieren, lügen, lernen.

Was würden sie also denken, wenn ich ihnen sage, dass es eine Art Pilz gibt, die intelligent ist?

by Maximilian Rudolph

How important reading is and how digital media impacts our life in democracies

Young people like me don’t read newspapers anymore. That's a simple fact.

They say the articles don’t have any topics of their interest, though prof. Haller says that argument can more or less be neglected – they will get older and their interest will shift towards the topics discussed in newspapers. The much bigger problem are the faults in our education systems. Young people have more and more difficulties reading, especially when the texts get complicated. Neither parents nor schools are a helpful source of motivation in that regard, especially in the lower social classes.